Our 24-7 online support service is always ready to answer your questions. Didex contact ways are as follow:

We have online chat service in our website through which you will be able to ask questions from our experts. Your questions will be answered instantly.You can also message us through Instagram direct message.

Our email [email protected] is always available for any specific individual request, comment and help.

You also will be able to call +98-2128421808. (answering hours from 9 am to 6 pm)

Due to the current situation of the world economy, the number of digital currency investors is increasing day by day. Therefore, despite all the existing problems and concerns, the only way to trust a company is the reputation and the quality of services that it provides. Didex platform provides the best and most secure services in the field of digital currency, ensuring that users can trade digital currencies in a secure environment. On the other hand, there are several ways to contact Didex 24-7 online support team, through phone numbers, email, Instagram and Telegram, all of which are listed on our website. So, in case of any problems, we are always available and responsive. You can learn more about Didex by watching the video below. If you would like to know more about Didex. Go to the page "About Us".

The first and most important goal of Didex is to create a secure platform for transactions and the protection of its users' assets. In this regard, we have gathered the experts in the field of blockchain, and we have taken the utmost care and attention at all times to develop, improve and secure the website. To better understand and clarify this issue, we have summarized some of them below:

  • All information between the users and the website is stored on a dedicated multi-layered server (hardware and software) and encrypted by SSL protocols so that data theft is not possible.
  • All important data and identity of users are stored encrypted and updated every 24 hours and there is no possibility of infiltration or data theft.
  • Any access and activities within an account (such as log in, withdraw from the wallet and changing password) requires 2FA verification, and this will be notified to you via email. so that no unauthorized use of the account is possible.

Therefore, all Didex users including traders and investors can use Didex secure platform with ease.

It is now possible to trade pairs of Bitcoin-Tether, Ethereum-Tether and Ethereum-Bitcoin on the Didex Professional Market. It is also possible to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether in Rials. Start trading in Didex now!

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To see the exact method of calculating the Fee, you can refer to the Fee page and get the complete information there. Our support experts are also ready to answer your questions.

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Go to the login page and click on the Forgot Password. Then an email containing the necessary instructions to reset the password will be sent to you. Please follow all the required steps carefully and if you have any questions or ambiguities, please contact us. Stay in touch with the support team.

To change the password, just log in to the account and click on security from the profile drop down. you will be able to enter your new password.

2FA is a new way to increase account security on the Internet. The way it works is that, in addition to entering your password, you will receive a 6-digit code using a 2FA authentication applications (such as Google Authenticator), which you must provide when you log in to Didex.

This 6-digit code will be sent to you only, as a result, if your password is lost, no one will be able to log in to your account.

KYC helps companies and financial institutions get to know their customers better also ensure that their services and regulations are not abused and that transactions are conducted in complete security and accuracy. The KYC process also helps identify and prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, data theft, financial fraud, money laundering of other sources, and other means of illegal corruption. Didex also receives valid identification documents from its users in order to maintain the identity and security of its customers and to comply with the rules of the financial markets. Your documents are kept secure and will not be given to third parties in any way without a court order.

Your KYC process starts by Didex Support team, immediately after you submit the required documents. The result of your KYC will be announced via email within 72 hours. Before entering your identification info, make sure that the information you enter during the KYC process is consistent with your ID card. If you faced any problem during KYC, you can send us a message. Didex Support Team is ready to respond 24 hours a day.

  • Be careful when create a password. Your password must contain at least 8 characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Also, make sure that you do not use the same password separately on other websites. Try to create a password that cannot be guessed by others.
  • Enable 2-FA verification for your account. Click on the link below to learn how to enable 2FA. (Refer to the User Guide)
  • Avoid installing unsafe plugins on your browser.
  • Always use your personal device to access Didex. Logging in to your account via public computers (such as desktop computers) may expose your information.
  • Make sure the connection network is secure when using public Wi-Fi (such as hotels, airports and offices); Your information may be stolen on these networks.
  • Never trust people who ask you to deposit money or request account information under the Didex name.
  • Always make sure you enter the Didex address correctly in your browser. Didex address is didex.ir and other websites with similar names or domains have no connection with Didex Exchange platform.

You can always enter the Didex website and place orders and make transactions.

As soon as you click on the sell/buy on the trade page, your order will be placed in the list of Didex orders.

If the deposit is from a non-Didex wallet, it will take between 10 minutes to one hour to be transferred, but if you do this from a Didex internal wallet, the deposit will be made immediately or in fraction of a second.

Due to the irreversible nature of the cryptocurrencies transfer process, it is not possible to cancel or return the transaction after finishing all course of actions. Also, if the owner of the wallet address is not identified, there is no way to return your assets. So, it is strongly recommended that you be very careful when transferring.

It is also recommended that you review the recipient's wallet address before transferring. It should be noted that all responsibilities of entering the wrong wallet address are of the senders.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies cannot be purchased directly from Didex at this time. You can place an order on the trade page to buy crypto.

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To learn investment techniques and having access to training resources go to the Didex Academy page. Also, on our Instagram page, there are high quality tutorials on the basics of blockchain, step-by-step trading, and weekly price analysis of important cryptocurrencies.

If you want to permanently unsubscribe from your account, send an email to the Didex Support address with the subject of unsubscribing. In this email, fully and accurately explain your reason for canceling your account. The Didex Support Team will contact you after reviewing your request.

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