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About Didex

We are Didex, a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency exchange platform. We have launched a system based on Blockchain technology that allows us to facilitate the financial dealings.

Didex; From Europe to Iran!

DidEx trading platform provide customers Crypto-to-Crypto trading that refers to spot transactions in which Cryptocurrency is exchanged for another Cryptocurrency with deep liquidity, low fees and best execution prices to start your crypto life style in the easiest way.
DidEx Exchange allow users to easily exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Usdt and many other Cryptocurrencies with minimum slippage. DidEx also honor to present various order types to help users take advantages from their trades.
DidEx provide trading platform for its users. This platform contains trading platform (whose domain name is https://www.didex.com). DidEx intend to create a trading platform consist of DidEx websites (https://www.didex.com), mobile applications (for Android and Ios), and other applications that are developed to present DidEx Services, and includes automated operated platforms and websites (DidEx’s trading Platform, cryptocurrency Wallet, and fiat gateways).
As we know, the world of Cryptocurrencies is complicated that slows down its development among users without technical knowledge. One of such problems is the lack of a safe, secure and reliable platform with minimization of losses and with profit distribution between users. Imagine DidEx as a 24/7 active and interactive robot which provide its users an automated Cryptocurrency trading system, that works on the purchase and sale of Cryptocurrencies (micro-transactions) generating a daily gain non-stop.

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